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Oklahoma Booster Club Charitable Organization Exemption

Oklahoma Booster Club Charitable Organization Exemption

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is [Name] and I am the [Title] of the [Booster Club Name]. Our organization supports [Program] at [School Name] – according to state law, we are required to register with the Oklahoma Secretary of State as a charitable organization to raise funds. However, as an authorized school booster club, we can be considered exempt from the annual registration requirement for charitable organizations in Oklahoma. To become eligible for this exemption, we are requesting your help! Please complete and sign the below Booster Club Authorization to verify that we are supporting students at [School Name]. Please direct any questions you may have to [Officer Name] at [Phone Number or Email].


[Officer Name]

[Booster Club Name]

[Phone Number or Email]

Oklahoma Booster Club Authorization

I, [Name], the [Title] of [School Name], do hereby authorize [Booster Club Name] to raise funds, solicit volunteers, and otherwise support the programs of [School Name]. This authorization in no way makes the school liable for the activities of the authorized organization and this authorization may be revoked at any time.






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