certificate of good standing

Scam Alert: Certificate of Good Standing Request

Have you received an urgent letter asking you to pay for a Certificate of Good Standing? Don't fall for this common scam. Download our PDF for the full details.

What is a Certificate of Good Standing?

A Certificate of Good Standing is a state issued document attesting that an organization is incorporated and up to date on all required filings and fees.

Do we need a Certificate of Good Standing?

Probably not. A Certificate of Good Standing can be used in place of approved Articles o Incorporation to verify your organization’s corporate status with the state. Rarely will a state agency or sponsor organization request a Certificate of Good Standing.

Why did our organization get this letter?

Companies going by “State Filing Services” or similar names look for newly incorporated organizations and attempt to have them purchase a Certificate of Good Standing at an inflated cost.

Does PBUSA take care of this for us?

If you need a Certificate of Good Standing, PBUSA can help obtain one or provide resources to do so. It is always best (and least expensive) to purchase one directly from your state’s website.

Still have questions? When you are unsure of any mail you receive for your organization, feel free to contact your state registration specialist for more insight!


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