A casual meeting taking place

Sample Meeting Minutes

[NOTE: Report on actions taken. It is not recommended to report on discussions and the actual vote count, unless unanimous.]




Proper written notification of this meeting was provided to board members XX days in advance of the meeting. The following board members were present: [NAME, NAME, NAME].

  1. Call to Order
  2. The meeting was called to order at [TIME] by [NAME].

  3. Approval of Minutes
  4. [NAME] moved to approve the minutes of the last board meeting held on [DATE]. Motion was seconded and the minutes were approved.

  5. Financial Policies
  6. Financial policies for the organization were discussed. The following policies were approved:

    • The President and Treasurer shall have check signing authority
    • To ensure proper financial controls, the Vice President (who does not have check signing authority) shall review monthly bank statements
  7. Programs
  8. The next event of [DESCRIPTION] was discussed. [NAME] reported that donations have been secured to cover all costs of the event.

  9. Other Business
  10. No other business was discussed.

  11. Next Meeting
  12. The next board meeting shall be held on [DATE], [TIME] at [LOCATION].

  13. Adjourn
  14. The meeting was adjourned at [TIME].


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