Please refer to your local statutes for the most up-to-date requirements.

Articles of incorporation

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Additional info
Fee: $30
Processing: 3-4 weeks (estimate)
Signatures: No special requirements at this time

Corporate annual report

An initial SI-100 Corporate Report is filed at time of onboarding for newly incorporated organizations.

Subsequent reports are filed biennially based on the anniversary of the Articles of Incorporation. If incorporated in an even-numbered year, the report is due on an even-numbered year — if incorporated in an odd-numbered year, the report is due on an odd-numbered year.
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Form (e-file)
Link: Form SI-100
Due: Within 90 days of incorporating with the state ; (then) Biennially (Every 2 years)
Fee: $20.00

Charity registration

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Initial form
Link: Form CT-1
Due: Within 30 days of receiving assets
Fee: $50.00
Required attachments:

  • Articles of Incorporation (approved)
  • Bylaws
  • Proof of 501(c)(3) status (IRS 1023 or PBUSA certificate, and IRS determination letter)
  • Thoroughly check form instructions for any additional required documents
Renewal form
Link: Form RRF-1
Due: Each time a 990 series return is filed
Fee: Renewal fees depend on your organization's income
Required attachments:

  • Effective FYE 2020: All registered charities that file the 990N must file the Annual Treasurer's Report (CT-TR-1) along with Form RRF-1.
  • If a 990EZ or full 990 was filed, it must be attached in lieu of the Annual Treasurer's Report.
  • Thoroughly check form instructions for any additional required documents

Income/franchise tax exemption


Sales tax exemption


Tax department

Raffle (games of chance)

Must be in good standing with the state Franchise Tax Board (FTB).
Filing information
Due: Before event
Fee: $20.00


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