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The RENOSI™ state registration system is available to new Get Legal members, Stay legal renewal members and Stay Legal Associate members only. You must complete each section for us to be able to file your documents! PBUSA may periodically request that you update your information throughout your membership in order to maintain current and correct information.

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State-by-State Requirements

Most state governments require nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations to file one or more registrations in the state, including:
  • Corporate annual report -- required in most states each year if your organization is incorporated 
  • Fundraising registration -- required by most states prior to an organization beginning fundraising 
  • Sales tax registration/exemption -- some states have an "honor" system in which 501(c)(3) groups complete and provide a form to vendors to request exemption from paying sales tax; other states require organizations to complete a state application requesting sales tax exemption. And some states do not provide sales tax exemption at all. State rules also vary widely on when a nonprofit group must collect and pay sales tax on items that you may sell.  
  • BINGO/Raffles -- some states, and some localities/cities, regulate BINGO and other "games of chance". Frequently, registration is required. Sometimes raffles are not permitted at all. 
It is important to know, understand and comply with your state registration requirements.

Specific state-by-state registration and filing information is available here. 

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