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Orlando Sentinel: School booster groups seek ways to stop thefts 2015-09-11
By the time the PTSA leadership at David C. Hinson Middle School realized it, tens of thousands of dollars had disappeared from the group's bank accounts.

PBUSA Plans Surprise Visit to Fair Lawn, NJ PTO 2015-05-19
To celebrate ten years of continuous membership, Parent Booster USA has a surprise planned for its very first member, the Lyncrest Parent Teacher Organization. PBUSA began with a handful of members who needed help with managing the required government paperwork. Now the company has 2,300 members in 48 states and a 95% renewal rate.

TODAY: Parents Steals Thousands of Dollars from School Booster Clubs 2014-06-03
An NBC News investigation found dozens of cases nationwide where parents involved in booster clubs were stealing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars from the students.

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Booster Clubs Attract Scrutiny 2013-09-13
A U.S. Tax Court ruling last month could snarl the tax-exempt status of thousands of booster clubs and similar groups across the country, experts say.

FORBES: Parent Booster Clubs - Raising Money For Your Own Kid Is Not Charity 2013-09-05
501(c)(3) organizations that compensate those who assist with fundraising activities by reducing fees or other payments may risk losing their tax exempt status. Schools that provide tuition relief for parents who assist with fundraising may be particularly vulnerable. Additionally, those who work as fundraisers in exchange for reduced tuition or fees will be required to report taxable income.

Parent Booster USA Revises IFA Policy 2011-05-25
Parent Booster USA is providing new guidance to school support organizations on the use of individual fundraising accounts (IFA) through which students and their parents are "credited" for fundraising activities. PBUSA notes that while IRS rules regarding IFA's are unclear, the IRS is known to find these types of cooperative fundraising activities to be illegal.

PBUSA Launches "Get Legal, Stay Legal" Campaign 2011-04-21
Parent Booster USA's new video, Get Legal Stay Legal, emphasizes PBUSA's mission to help school support organizations come into and remain in compliance with federal and state laws for tax exempt organizations.

White Paper Details School Booster Club Fundraising Rules 2010-12-14
The IRS has stated that the common school booster club practice of "crediting" students with some of the earnings from fundraisers violates IRS private benefit rules. A new white paper released by Parent Booster USA details the IRS rules, and how school booster clubs may determine if their fundraising practices are legal.

Schools Should Audit Their Booster Clubs 2010-09-10
Parent Booster USA is offering school administrators a new, free service, BoosterCheck, to ensure that their school booster clubs and other school support organizations are using their own federal tax ID number and state sales tax exemption certificates. In addition,through BoosterCheck, school admnistrators may determine if their school booster clubs have complied with a new federal aw that requires all nonprofit organizations, regardless of the amount of funds raised, to file an IRS tax return each year.

Parent Booster USA Announces Free School Booster Group Workshops 2010-08-03
Parent Booster USA is conducting free workshops to assist school administrators navigate the increasingly complex rules and regulations for school booster clubs. Schools are relying more on booster clubs to fill gaps created by cuts in federal and state education funding. However, there are significant knowledge gaps in how to legally operate school booster clubs.

Parent Booster USA Announces New No-Cost Memberships for School Administrators 2010-04-27
With more school budget cuts looming, school administrators are turning to voluntary school booster clubs to raise much-needed funds according to Parent Booster USA. PBUSA recently announced new, no-cost memberships for school superintendents and prinicipals to help them get the most from their school support organizations.

Embezzlement of School Booster Club Funds No Joking Matter 2010-03-10
Thousands of dollars raised by school booster clubs and intended to build new school playgrounds, fund field trips and other activities is being stolen. Parent Booster USA recently published new guidelines to assist school support organizations develop and use proper financial procedures to safeguard school funds.

Thousands of School Booster Clubs Not in Compliance with Tax Laws 2010-01-12
Thousands of school booster clubs appear to be out of compliance with IRS rules and state laws requiring tax returns to be filed. Failure to seek federal tax-exempt status, and file tax returns, raises significant liability for school booster clubs and the schools for which these groups raise funds.

Candy Bar Accounting: Keeping track of school booster club fundraising 2009-10-27
States are passing laws requiring school support organizations, including PTOs, band and athletic booster and other booster clubs, to keep better track of funds and fundraising activities. Parent Booster USA, a national organization that provides oversight and tax-exempt status to booster clubs has published model financial guidelines to help booster clubs meet these new requirements.

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